Man and wolf is all about adventure, authenticity, quality and fun.
Our beers are all about drinkablity a well balanced combination of Australian hops ethnicity and style.
We are committed to brewing a high quality product at a reasonable price.
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Man and Wolf new beer designs are getting inspired by the alpine nature and weather conditions.
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The Bearded Vulture
Man and Wolf beer is proudly crafted by people who want to make a difference,
and to convey to the uninitiated the joy that drinking a great beer can bring.
A lot of micro breweries talk about authentic Czech pilsner.
Lucky for you, we are an authentic Czech brewery. Just saying.

We are shred-addicts with a simple vision of infusing
our love of snow, skate, surf lifestyle into great beer.
We believe that we have succeeded in doing just that.

Drink Craft not Crap

With over 130 years of brewing experience, our brewery is one of the best in the Czech Republic
you can taste the rich history and our beers are matured for 60-90 days.
Prepared from the finest ingredients avaliable.
It doesn’t stop there; using the traditional process of open fermentation gives our beer a fresh,
less sterile taste than today’s bland, mass produced lagers.
We don’t forget the importance of water – the key ingredient – in beer.
Man and Wolf uses natural crystal clear water that comes from nature reserve
Adrspach-Teplice rocks, and is one of the highest quality
water resources in central Europe.
Modern day commercial breweries operate on a massive scale.
Due to the sheer volume of beer being brewed by these giants,
flavour and premium ingredients have taken a back seat
in the name of efficiency and cost and cost effectiveness.
They tend to take the cheapest ingredients available, including inferior six row barley,
substandard hops, and chemically treated water to make huge quantities
of beer at a fraction of the cost it takes to make a real beer.


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core range

At Man & Wolf, there is no snobbery involved and certainly no pretentious pauses or long-winded discussions after each sip. We make great beer for everyone. It’s that simple.

Blue Bird Ale

Our Trail-blazing flagship beer
It all started when Man & Wolf co-founder Antony ‘Gumby’ Gumbley returned to his homeland
of Australia and discovered just how good their craft pale ales are to drink after a long surf sessions.
He asked “why aren’t we drinking good beer in the French Alps?
This gave him the vision for a different kind of session pale ale,
one that would be dry hopped with a selection of newer hop varieties
from Australia and brewed in an authentic Czech brewery.
This past winter, the beast of a session pale ale has proven itself to be
hugely popular in some of the world’s best ski resorts.

TYPE OF BEER: top fermented pale ale, alcohol content: 5%abv
INGREDIENTS: Spring water, barley malt, wheat malt, oats, galaxy hops

“It will break your bones and eat them” Read more about the Bearded Vulture here!



– Hunter S Thompson.


Banana Caramel Wheat Beer
Top-fermented unfiltered weizenbier.
This is a top fermented beast that is routinely ranked as one of the top Weizenbiers in the world
and won our brewery a World Beer Awards gold medal in 2013.
It is fermented with traditional top-fermenting yeast, refreshingly light taste of malted wheat with hints of banana.
The head is unusually abundant due to the natural protein deposits of wheat, with a thick consistency similar to meringue.
Man and Wolf TM are fortunate in distributing this award-winning beer around The French Alps
at a price that’s much cheaper than most of its competitors, and hands-down tastier.

TYPE OF BEER: Pale top-fermented wheat beer. Alcohol content: 4,8 % abv
INGREDIENTS: Spring water, wheat malt, barley malt, Saaz hops, wild yeast.



Anyone that “necks” a pint of this gold hopped goddess is
sure to come running back to the bar screaming for more.
Open fermentation and aged from 60 to 90 days of prolonged maturation
at 1°c, paying utmost attention to the age old traditions of the world famous
Czech brewing technique.
 Steep Deep Freak will show people how real lager should taste
and set the pace for the future of Man and Wolf beers.
It has a zesty taste,sparkling golden colour and a centimetre of white head.

TYPE OF BEER:Lager, Alcohol Content : 4.7 % abv.
INGREDIENTS: Spring water, Moravian barley malt, Saaz hops

When the snow is deep out comes the freak.



The latest photos from Man and Wolf Beer

wolf pack

snow, skate, surf.... and beer
Snow, skate and surf are the foundations of Man & Wolf:
everything we do, from the flavour of our branding
to marketing, our philosophy is all about infusing
our passion for mountains and oceans into our beer.
Our head brewer is pumped about the combination of
Australian hops with bombs of citrus and resin flavour,
the radical blend of these hops combined with his traditional
brewing style is turning out some pretty tasty session beers.
We have spent years in the French Alps as professional snowboarders,
who drink a lot of beer.

Our passion for both has never been more alive than it is today.

We are shred-addicted.

The Water


If you love beer - we love you.
  • Gumby

    The Man / Brand Founder
    All-round Pirate

    The Wolf / Brand founder
    Super spunky motivator


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