The Water

Water is one of the basic ingredients in beer.
It´s chemical composition depends on local geology and has a significant influence on beer’s taste and quality.

Lucky for us, our brewery is located near an amazing national nature reserve – the rock city Adrspach rocks. These sandstone formations take up to 17km2 and are located in Bohemia, Czechia.

The above ground columnar rocks, called The Rock Temple, are up to 40m tall.

The Rocks became a national nature reserve in 1933, and a protected landscape area in 1991.

It is the largest ‘underground labyrinth’ in Europe consisting of underground caves, ponds and lakes, and that is where we find the real value of this area. It flows few hundred meters, under porous rectangular sandstone of an area of 100 km2, under the ground. Under pressure, the water then flows upward to the surface, where it forms huge artesian springs.

It is marked as one of the best springs in central Europe and the water is suitable for infants, which has to meet the highest demands for premium quality and purity.

The combination of the specific microclimate and water source provides perfect conditions for some rare animal and plant species, as the common kingfisher, white-throated dipper, rare species of frogs, snakes, butterflies, bats and falcons. Rare wildflowers as the spring snowflake, aconite or gentian and many others.